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Entrance & Monument Sign Lighting

SIGN LIGHTINGASE offers various solutions for Entrance and Monument sign lighting for communities or businesses.

First - We have the Solar Power Pony (SPP) which is a separate steel battery and component box with a 50 watt solar panel lid, placed into the sun mounted on a pole or wall. There is a DC wire coming from this box, traveling up to 30 feet away to the light for the sign or entrance needing it. This way even if the sign is in the shade it is no problem because the solar panel is placed into the sun up to 30 feet away. We have 3 watt and 5 watt LED bulb options. We also have smaller lights for even lighting on longer signs.

Second - We have our G3-SC 10-foot tall pole light which has an adjustable flood light socket. This can be focused in any direction and is Vandal-resistant 10 feet in the air. This also uses a 3-5 Watt LED bulb.

G3-SC Monument Sign-Centennial Point Day
G3-SC Monument Sign-Centennial Point Night
G3-SC Monument Sign-Interstate Highway
G3-SC Monument Sign-Landing
G3-SC Monument Sign-Pavona Estates
G3-SC Monument Sign-Aspen Hills II Day
G3-SC Monument Sign-Quaterhorse Falls II Night.Day
G3-SC Monument Sign-Quaterhorse Falls II Night