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G3-SC Solar Light


Our G3-SC Off-Grid Standalone Solar Lights illuminate dark streets, dark parks, and any dark areas.  It is also perfect for bus stops where it illuminates the bus schedule and gives all-night safety to the workers, mothers, and families that ride the buses.

No electrical hook-up or source is needed, the light is completely self-contained and already factory assembled for easy installation to mount on the pole. These G3-SC Solar Lights are patented, designed, and manufactured by American Solar Electric in Las Vegas, USA in our TUV (NRTL) certified factory.

There are and will be many Renewable and Solar incentives coming up in the next few years from the federal government. Get in on the savings while lighting up your city with our all-night (14 hours run time) bus stop and street lights. You can install these Off-grid Solar lights for a fraction of the cost of a grid-tied, trenched AC Electrical Street Light. These are real mid-sized street lights mounted on ten-foot poles.


Testimonial -  300 Units Solar Bus Stop Lights Installed For RTC N.V. Project 

See this video made by Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) about American Solar Electric's lights.

"We have two problems. The first is that the passengers don't particularly feel safe if it's an area of town that's very, very dark. And the second problem is that the drivers can't always see the passengers. So these free-standing lights solve both those problems."

"We're happy about these lights because the lights are solar, self-contained: no power needed and very little maintenance, a perfect addition to the inventory of transit humanities."     - RTC, N.V.

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Model G3-SC (Snow Cap) SOLAR LIGHT
Solar Modules 3 Triangular-shaped Fixture Integrated PV (FIPV) 9 Watt Modules form a pyramid, with the fourth side of the pyramid being the access door. The module is Monocrystalline laminated with black Tedlar & Tempered Glass. Total of more than 27 Watts PV.
LED Bulb 12Volt E26 Base 3W or 5W LED 6000K bulb (Various LED Bulbs & Kelvin color available upon request) Life span of LED 5 years or more.
Battery 12VDC 12Ah Sealed Lead Acid included (Life span 1-3 years).
12.8VDC 11.4Ah K2 Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery (life span 5-6 years) also available.
Operating Temperature Lead Acid Battery -10~115 degrees F;
Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery -40~140 degrees F available
Controller Phocos Programmable 10 Amp or 20 Amp Controller. The controller runs Dusk to Dawn, or it can be programmed to turn off the light in the middle of the night. Various other options available
Light Output 3W LED Flood Light bulb with 120 lumens per Watt (360 lumens) equal to a 60W incandescent bulb. Can upgrade to 5W LED Flood Light bulb with 120 lumens per Watt (600 lumens) equal to a 75 - 100 watt incandescent bulb.
Ground Illumination 360-degree socket 30’-35’ around or Adjustable Angle Socket Flood Light 50’ - 80’ around, Illumination at 1.2 - 2.2 foot candles at 8’ - 10’ from the ground.
Light Run Time 3W Bulb - 14 hours per night at full power 365 days per year.  System autonomy 30 hours for 2 winter nights.
Fixture size 20 inches square X 23 inches tall, including “bird deterrent cap” and Lexan Lens
Fixture Weight 35 lbs. with Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery; 38 lbs. with lead-acid Battery
Individual Box Size 43-46 lbs. 24(L) X 22(W) X 22(H) inches
Installation 10’-13’ (above ground) 3” OD tube or 3.5” OD schedule 10 mounting poles, can be top mounted with a 10” x 10” base plate or set into concrete a recommended minimum of 3’deep x 18” wide. Access Door must be pointed to the North for proper charging.
Maintenance All the components are field maintainable - Bulbs, Battery, and Controller.
Warranty Includes a 1-year manufactures warranty on all parts and components. However, the Solar Modules & Fixture warranties are for 10 years. Lithium Battery warranted for 2 years.