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Dumpster Area Lighting

The 5’-6’ tall “U” shaped walled-in dumpster/trash containment areas in apartments, condominiums, and commercial parks are rarely wired with electricity or have any lighting. As a result, these areas are very dark and difficult if not dangerous to use at night.

Sometimes people take refuge in these areas and cannot be seen until you are upon them. ASE effortlessly lights these dumpster areas to add safety to your living or working area. We install a pole and add the light to the top. The sun powers the light, and there is NO wiring, trenching, or power access needed. We can use our G3-SC solar light ( with 27 watts of solar modules) mounted on a 10’-12’pole from the ground. This uses a 3Watt, or 5Watt Bright LED light bulb. This is a focused floodlight to light the ground area inside the dumpster area brightly. It can light 15-18 feet around directly below the pole. It is as bright as a 60 - 75 Watt incandescent flood light bulb.

These illuminating Solar lights add safety and integrity to your living or workplace areas. The light allows you to work safely, and you can always see other people or possible safety issues from far away, thus avoiding accidents or surprises. In addition, this is a very inexpensive solution to upgrade your community.